Is This a Suspended Reading Room?

Chicago is full of surprises. You can walk down a nondescript street staring at the cement sidewalk so you don’t trip, round a corner, glance up, and find yourself starting at an unusual crevice or building. I have captured many images of Chicago over the years, some which I like a lot but haven’t shared because I felt they didn’t measure up to Fine Art status. Yet I find them interesting each time I review my library. I’ve wanted to share them, too, so I’ve decided they might make interesting blog posts. Here’s one image that caught my eye.

If you look closely, zoom in a few times, you’ll see that what initially looks like a staircase appears actually to be rooms stacked on top one another. Some have small tables. One has several chairs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 6.17.30 PM

Maybe it’s a staircase or a covered patio of some type? If anyone knows this building or actually lives in it, I’d like to hear from you, to find out more about this unusual suspended reading room. Who knows. Maybe its just an enclosed stairway that looks more intriguing from the outside than it is to the residents inside.


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