When Two Go In and One Comes Out

It’s been a rough year with all the difficulties and changes in the world and in the US. But this article isn’t about that. All that is just too hard to bare, yet alone adequately discuss in a light hearted blog. It’s about one thing that never changes. It’s about something we all or most of us have in common – two going in and one always coming out. I’m talking about socks. Laundry day.

img_0213Some say missing socks with super sticking power bury themselves inside pants and other garments. But if that was the case, you’d expect the act of dressing to reveal sock lumps when pant legs are pulled up and arms extended. I rarely find a missing sock when I slip into slacks or tops.

Some say just keep doing laundry. Eventually other missing socks will show up. This means you’d expect after multiple loads put away and numerous empty laundry baskets, I’d find at least a few missing toe warmers. Nope. I’ve washed and dried loads over months. Instead my stack of missing socks grows on my bed pile – at least one new missing sock per laundry event. And months of laundry yield only a return of one sock now and then.

I don’t know where it comes back from. It appears out of thin air, as though it is God’s little miracle … or joke reminding me I need to lighten up about the every day little things.

These past few months, the pattern continues. Most pairs of socks go in as two and come out as one. It’s so bad that I am running out of socks in one color and will have to buy more. I don’t want to, as I am sure my suspect washing machine is full from eating a whole loaf of nylon socks. Soon it must expunge itself.

I’ve looked between the dryer and washer. I’ve looked around the devices. No collection of socks lies waiting to be picked up (and rewashed).

I know there are more important things in life than this. But every now and then, in order to get our minds off the awful things in the world, we must focus on completing the every day little tasks and the nagging question returns. Why must two go in and only one come out?

Update: I fixed this issue. I now buy only men’s socks that are clearly patterned. They hold up better than women’s (no toes tear them) and they are easy to match up!


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