Thwack Goes the KnickKnack

We collect these knickknacks when they are handed down to us, many times after family passes away. One such item I received after my grandfather died. It rests on my home office desk, as it has for many years. I move it from side to side, across the desk when it is in the way of whatever I am doing, and out of the path of coffee cups each morning. It, at times, also serves as a paperweight.

It’s an interesting piece, smooth to touch, only slightly weathered. I don’t know why I am so drawn to it all these years. Perhaps it is the label, the date, my grandfather’s engraved name, or a connection to an organization about which I know little – other than he was thoroughly involved in it at some point, … obviously.

It always reminds me of a judge’s gavel. I don’t know if that is what it was used for in its day, or if it served the same ornamental purpose it does now. But each time I pick it up and touch it, I feel my grandfather’s presence and see his face once again.

The Gavel
The Gavel

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