You Called Me for This?

I recently purchased entertainment for my little dear and placed it in the front window – in spite of the fact others warned me birds would not want to feed so close to the house. It was worth a try I thought and, based more on optimism than planned logic, I placed my little dear’s mini bed on a stool near the same window.

It was working well I thought because soon both finches and sparrows regularly stopped by for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the “person” for whom I bought it initially loved it and watched the birds feed for hours. Unfortunately after a couple weeks the novelty wore off. (It is particularly cute when the birds, who quickly realize they are being watched and photographed, look in the window back at us.)

The other morning I became especially excited because there were five birds perched all around the two feeders. My little dear was sleeping at the top of her cat tree and was missing the activity. Using my best excited but whispered voice, I called her to come look: “Come here, … get over here…there are five birdies…FIVE birdies!” I signaled with my finger for her to come which usually works. And it did this time, too, to a point.

I heard the plop of her descent as she began coming down each rung. Once near the feeder though, instead of getting excited and running to the front window to jump in her basket to enjoy the site, she gave me this look as if to say: “What….You called me for this?



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