Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a Smoky Mountain Twist

Many years ago I visited a restaurant, a local diner, in the Smoky Mountains and experienced a delicious new take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. They served it with a cheese I didn’t care for at the time (Swiss), crumbled bits of crisp bacon, and small chopped green onions. To my surprise, it was wonderful and remains something I indulge in once or twice a year since visiting.

Most recently I added a few cheeses left over in the fridge I needed to use – American, Cheddar, and Brick. Each time I enjoy this delectable grilled cheese sandwich, I am reminded of the quaint diner.

One warning – too much cheese, onions, and bacon sits very heavy on the stomach and the sandwich is very filling. However, when you are craving comfort food, this classic grilled cheese sandwich with its Smoky Mountain flair will hit the spot and definitely leave you and your family full an entire day.



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