Changing Times

It’s been a long time coming, this change. Still, letting go was difficult, full of mixed emotions. It had been in my family for years, first in the home of a dear cousin who passed away too young. She learned how to play on it. When she died, I inherited it. I too learned to play on it and studied for nearly 10 years. In high school and college I even dreamed for a time of becoming a musician. Then Life started – jobs, work, houses, mortgages, … business responsibilities. It was played less and less, until one day the tinkling sound of “I Was High and Mighty” was heard no more. Many years later it was pressed up against an interior wall, serving more as a prop for images and lamps and the keys for dusting. It was time.

Lester_X8A5764 It went to a great home, to a young couple starting out. The delight on the face of the young bride gave comfort. It was easier to let go knowing it was getting a fresh start and would perhaps serve another young family well for years to come. As for the wall it rested against, it too was re-purposed and now supports a new home photography studio.


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